Breathing Problems

Issues with the nose, whether temporary (stuffy nose) or chronic (deviated septum), can have a serious effect on our ability to breathe. That’s why we’ve spent more than 38 years diagnosing and treating breathing problems in Omaha, NE.

Woman blowing her nose - Omaha NE

Common Causes of Breathing Problems

The shape of your nasal passages can have a huge impact on your ability to breathe. If you’ve had a broken nose in the past, suffer from a deviated septum, or have unusually narrow nasal passages, you may benefit from an evaluation and correction to the structure of your nose.

Nasal congestion resulting from a sinus infection, allergy, or nasal injury can also contribute to labored breathing. We recommend making an appointment if you’re also experiencing sinus drainage, pain, or fever.

Blockages in the nose can obstruct airflow, as well. Nasal polyps are a common cause of blockage, although swollen adenoids and nasal tumors can also impede breathing. If you have a feeling of fullness or blockage that continues for more than two weeks, please contact one of our locations to schedule an appointment.

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